halloween weddingHalloween weddings are becoming more popular all the time. In fact, the more expensive weddings become the more people are choosing to integrate their wedding with a holiday, like Halloween, so that they can get the benefit of two family celebrations in one. Almost everyone loves to dress up in costumes, so having a Halloween wedding that allows everyone to dress up and not just the bride and groom makes it easy for all the guests to have a great time. Many great wedding venues that are booked throughout the year have openings on Halloween and you might even get a substantial discount if you hold your wedding on Halloween. If you have been thinking about having a Halloween wedding here are some fun and unusual ways to celebrate your marriage in a Halloween appropriate way:

Zombie Wedding

If you really love Halloween and you want to have the kind of wedding that you can only really have on Halloween…

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What are the most popular boys costumes?

ironmanIs your little boy ready for Halloween? If you’re still trying to decide what costume to get for your little boy you should be thinking carefully about the choices and make a decision soon. The most popular boys Halloween costumes usually sell out months before Halloween. If you want to make sure that you are able to get the Halloween costume that your boy wants you will need to order within the next couple of months. It’s a good idea to order at least one size larger than your son wears now so that you can be sure the costume will fit when Halloween arrives. If you are not sure what costume to get for your son here’s a look at the five most popular boys Halloween costume inspirations this year to give you some ideas:


Avengers costumes have been popular for a couple of years but with the next Avengers movie…

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The classics never go out of style, including classic Hollywood monsters Halloween costumes. They might not be the scariest costumes when compared to some of the monsters that are in movies today but they are classic monsters that everyone will recognize when you are at a Halloween party or out Trick or Treating with your kids. They are also costumes that you can wear to work without having to worry about the costume being too scary or too revealing. If you love old Hollywood or you just love horror movies and monster movies you should go back to the classics with one of these iconic monster Halloween costumes this year:


Frankenstein is one of the most well-known movie monsters and literary monsters as well. Frankenstein’s monstrous reanimated human made of bits and parts from many different corpses sewn together and then animated with electricity by Dr. Frankenstein is one of the most well-known monsters in the world. Green skin,…

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Alice in wonderlandFinding a family costume that everyone in the family can agree on can be a challenge. It’s even hard if you need to take into account things like the weather on Halloween which might impact Trick or Treating and the ages of everyone in the family. But it is possible to come up with some very clever and adorable family costumes that everyone will love and that will look great in family photos posted online. Here are some tips for finding the most fun storybook inspired Halloween costumes for the whole family to wear Trick or Treating or at the family Halloween party:

Choose a Book That Everyone Loves

If you pick a storybook that only one person in the family likes then no one is going to want to do their part and play their role except that one person. If you can’t agree on a book then go to the library or bookstore and get more books. Read…

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Harry Potter CostumeHarry Potter Halloween costumes are still popular for people of all ages. Kids still adore their favorite Harry Potter characters and love to dress up as Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the others for Halloween. The dark Harry Potter characters like the Dementors, Death Eaters and Voldemort himself are more popular with adults. Bellatrix is another popular Harry Potter costume for adults.

Harry Potter is a great theme for family Halloween parties because there are more than enough fun characters for your family and your guests to find characters that they want to dress up as. Harry Potter fans can also dress up as students from their favorite house, although many choose Gryffyndor just because it’s the house that Harry that is part of. Kids who have a darker outlook might prefer to dress up as students from Slytherin or Harry’s nemesis Draco Malfoy. No matter what character you or kids want to dress up as there are some things that…

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Downton AbbeyDownton Abbey is a show that inspired a fierce fandom both overseas and in the US. Fans wait anxiously all year to see new episodes centered on the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants. Fans love the beautiful homes and locations featured in the show but what they really love the most are the clothes and jewelry that the noble ladies wear in the show. The costumes are painstakingly made to be period authentic and often they are made from vintage pieces or recreated from vintage patterns.

Downton Abbey has inspired many different events like weddings, viewing parties, teas, and of course Halloween parties. If you are having a Downton Abbey inspired party this Halloween, or attending one, then you will need a Downton Abbey Halloween costume that would look totally at home in the dining room at Downton Abbey, or below stairs if you want to look like a servant. Here are some tips for creating beautiful authentic looking…

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steampunk costumeOne of the trendiest types of costumes for Halloween or for Cosplay is Steampunk. Steampunk has been around for several years but has only recently gained mainstream popularity. Steampunk costumes combine classic Victorian style with futuristic elements and reimagined versions of modern technology. Steampunk costumes can be extremely elaborate and detailed. Many of the award winning costumes have authentic Victorian detailing as well as moving mechanical parts that actually function.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk style grew out of a literary movement. A subgenre of science fiction that was popular among literary fans wove fantastic tales about life at the turn of the 20th century in a parallel world where modern science and technology were developed at the turn of the 20th century. That led to the combination of Victorian styles of clothing and style combined with Victorian interpretations of modern technology.

Steampunk doesn’t have to be science fiction based. It can also incorporate fantasy, horror, and other genres…

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princess-partyPrincess parties are very popular right now for kids, but they are not just for kids. If you love Disney or you just want to be princess you can throw an adult princess party complete with princess costumes for you and your friends. Princess parties are a fun way to celebrate milestone birthdays and to recapture some of the fun of your childhood. If you are throwing a princess themed party for your daughter you can have an adult party for the moms while the kids are enjoying their party. Or add a twist to your next girl’s night in get-together by throwing one with a princess theme. There are dozens of reasons to throw an adult princess costume party. Once you’ve decided to throw the party here are some tips that will make sure your party is the best adult princess party you and your friends have experienced:

Make Princess Worthy Cocktails
Create your own signature pink and princess-y…

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cute baby costumeYou’ve probably seen some of the adorable photos of kids in costumes that have gone viral. In most of them a parent has dressed the kids in an adorable costume like a video game character costume, an animal costume, or a food costume and has created a hilarious or poignant image that is shared thousands of times online. Most of the time those people are not professional photographers, they are just creative parents.

If you want to try your hand at taking some amazing photos of your kids all you need are some great kids costumes, a fun background or place to shoot the photos, and your camera. Some of the best photos may even come from the camera on your cell phone. Costumes are the perfect props when taking photos of kids, especially infants, so make sure you have several different costumes on hand so that you can try several different styles of photos.


Once you have picked…

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animal-maskHalloween season will be here before you know it! Did you know that the hottest costumes often sell out before August? The time to start planning your Halloween costume for this year is now. Make sure that your costume is on trend and looks great enough to make your Instagram followers go crazy by starting to shop for a costume now. Here are some of the costumes that are going to be extremely popular this year:

Trendy Halloween Costumes for Kids
Frozen costumes are still going to be popular this year for little girls. Elsa and Anna costumes will remain some of the hottest costumes for kids along with the usual Disney princess costumes. Cinderella costumes for girls and women will be popular because of the live-action Cinderella film coming out. A live-action Beauty and the Beast film that is in the works could also create a high demand for Belle costumes. For boys military costumes, pirate costumes, and superhero…

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couplesDo you and your sweetheart like to dress up in fun costumes? Costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to wear a couple’s costume. There are some fantastic couple’s costumes that will make Valentine’s Day parties and events a lot more fun. You can even go to work dressed up in a couple’s costume if you work together. Whether you have been together for twenty years or just a week you will enjoy wearing fun costumes to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

You can wear your costumes to Valentine’s Day parties or have a Valentine’s Day photoshoot to create some hilarious pictures for social media. If you are a blogger your Valentine’s Day photos can attract a lot of new followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can even take photos of you and your sweetie dressed up and create a calendar or other keepsake that you can use as a blog giveaway to get followers.

Here are…

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valentines-suitValentine’s Day is all about love, but you don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the same boring dinner and celebration that everyone else has. This year choose a unique Valentine’s Day theme that will make your friends and family want to come to your party. The photos from your unique Valentine’s Day party will really stand out on social media and you can put your own creative spin on a holiday that people either really love or really hate. You may be even be able to convince some Valentine’s Day haters that it really can be fun to celebrate love and friendship once a year. Whether you are single or in a couple there are fun ways to celebrate the holiday without having a party that is tacky, boring, or cliché. Here are some fresh and fun Valentine’s Day party ideas and costume ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special:

A Victorian Valentine

If you love the genteel world…

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pet-costumeWinter costumes are great for pets for parties or just to brighten up the holidays. Small dogs with short coats need a little extra warmth in the winter and wearing Ugly Christmas Sweaters or other costumes is a fun way to keep them warm and dress them up at the same time. Superhero and video game costumes for pets are very popular. So are holiday costumes for pets like gingerbread men, Santa outfits, doggie elf costumes, reindeer antlers for pets, and Santa hats. Dress up your pet for the holidays or for any of these great occasions:

The Big Game or the Big Show
Are you having a football party for New Year’s Day? Dress up your pet in a team jersey so that your pet can be part of the fun. Or if you are waiting for your favorite show to come back on like The Walking Dead you can dress up your pet for the premiere. Your friends…

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pajamasNew Year’s Eve is coming and there’s no better way to start off the year than with a fun costume party. New Year’s Eve parties are supposed to be a little crazy, a little whimsical and a lot of fun. Costume parties for New Year’s Eve are the perfect way to set your party apart from all the other celebrations that are held on that night and give your guests the chance to cut loose and enjoy themselves. It wouldn’t be New Year’s Eve if someone didn’t dress up in a New Year’s Baby costume, but there are lots of other great costume party ideas you can use as themes for your own New Year’s Eve party like:

New Year’s Eve Pajama Party
What could be better than ringing in the New Year in comfortable PJs? If you don’t like traditional and stuffy New Year’s Eve celebrations have a giant pajama party instead. Encourage guests to wear their best and…

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santa-costumesLiven up your holiday parties this year by making them costume parties. Christmas costumes are fun and festive and wearing them will put everyone in a holiday mood. Even that one relative who always says they hate Christmas will come around when you dress them in a costume and give them some eggnog. Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween.

There are lot of different ways that you can use costumes to have amazing holiday parties. Ugly Christmas sweater parties are very trendy and are getting more popular every year. Kid friendly holiday costume parties featuring Disney characters like the crew from Frozen are also popular. Footed PJs and holiday PJs along with Santa hats and other Christmas costume accessories turn the night before Christmas into a family event that your kids will remember all their lives.

Here are some fun new ways to use Christmas costumes to hold the best parties of the holiday season:

Sleepovers – The winter weather…

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sweatersChristmas costumes are a great way to make the holidays more fun. Ugly sweater parties are becoming very trendy and they are a fantastic option for workplace parties. Dressing up your kids in cute holiday costumes will give you adorable holiday photos to use for holiday cards or to share on social media. Santa suits are always popular for the holidays because having Santa around makes any gathering better. But there are lot of other characters associated with Christmas that are cute holiday costumes as well.

Check out these great holiday costume ideas and get busy planning your costume party or costumed photo shoot:

An Ugly Sweater Party
Ugly Christmas Sweater parties are becoming more popular every year. Find the ugliest Christmas sweaters you can find and get together with your friends and family members to show them off. You can have a costume contest to see who can find the worst holiday sweater. Make sure to get an Ugliest…

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d-aThe British hit Downton Abbey has ushered in a revival of styles ranging from Bohemian to Roaring 20s in everything from weddings to Halloween costumes. The show has the caught the imaginations of fans around the world who have embraced the show’s celebration of the culture of British nobility. The show follows the lives of the Crawley family, a British noble family as they deal with the death of heirs, war, sickness and other problems trying to keep their legacy and expensive estate intact. The series is filmed at famous Highclere Castle in England and has such a huge following that even George Clooney and his new wife are fans. What fans love most about the show is the style and the recreation of beautiful period clothing and home decorations. The demand for vintage style products has led to the creation of Downton Abbey themed furniture, clothing, jewelry, perfume and many other items. Retro inspired Halloween costume are very popular…

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gypsy-makeupGypsy Halloween costumes are fun for both adults and kids. Gypsy costumes are easy to personalize. They are also comfortable in different kinds of weather which makes them great for people who live in climates where the weather could be warm on Halloween or might be cold. There are still gypsy descendants around today, and if you have watched any of the reality TV series that showcase how the modern gypsy tribes live now you know they love bling and bright colors. No Gypsy costume is complete without lots of gold and sequins.


The other essential items in a Gypsy costume are:

Long Skirts

One of the must have items for a Gypsy costume is a long skirt, preferably a few of them. Petticoats are often part of a Gypsy costume. The top skirt should be very colorful and have ribbon, sequins, or some type of decoration on it. You can always add trim from the craft store or…

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day-deadDay of the Dead or Sugar Skull makeups are very popular for Halloween.

Sugar Skull makeup is perfect for Halloween because you can easily do a last minute Sugar Skull costume just by wearing black and painting your face. Day of the Dead makeup can be scary or beautiful, depending on what you want your costume to be. But, it can take some practice to get the Sugar Skull makeup just right. You should do a couple test applications of the makeup in the weeks before Halloween to perfect your technique and try out different looks.


Take a few selfies of each different style that you try so you can choose the one that you like the best and recreate that one. Here are some basics that you need to know before you try to create a Sugar Skull makeup for Halloween.



Perfecting the Base

The base of the Day of the Dead makeup is a totally…

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twistyThis year American Horror Story Freakshow is going to be a popular theme for Halloween parties and a popular source of Halloween costume ideas. Freakshow is the most watched season fo American Horror Story so far, and fans can’t get enough of the freaks and their leader Elsa Mars. The breakout star of the show this season is Twisty the clown, who is inspiring nightmares every week in millions of fans.


American Horror Story Halloween costumes have been popular ever since the beginning of the show, but the current season has spawned some fantastic costume inspirations. Each separate chapter of American Horror Story has given fans amazing, creepy and intriguing characters that are fun to dress up as but the characters from Freakshow are going to be very popular Halloween costumes this year. Here’s a quick look at the characters that you might want to dress up as this year:


Elsa Marsel

As the fading ingénue and owner…

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redFairy tale Halloween costumes are great for everyone in the family. Little girls love to dress up as their favorite princesses or fairies. Little boys love being the heroes in exciting tales of adventure. And adults love to indulge in a little fantasy of their own in gorgeous gowns and interesting period clothing. There are many ways to create stunning fairy tale costumes. You can start with a base costume and add to it or you can create your own costume from scratch using accessories and props. You can even choose to go the humorous route and dress your little ones in funny costumes like dressing toddlers as dwarves or elves or dressing infants up as magic beans and other props.

There are also many different mythical fairy tale creatures that you can dress up as for Halloween. Unicorns are very popular Halloween costumes. So are dragons and the fair maidens that they protect. Wolves, bears, and other animals all…

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zombie-eyesWhen you are applying Halloween makeup for costumes that require special effects you may need makeup skills that go beyond just putting on eyeliner or foundation. Using makeup, fake hair and other devices is a nice way to complete your costume if you don’t want to wear a mask or can’t wear a mask for some reason. But in order to make your costume look great the makeup job needs to look great also. Here are some tips from special effects artists to help you get a professional looking Halloween makeup job using special effects appliances and unusual makeup:

Practice first: Always practice doing the makeup and effects that you want to create. If you are planning on using an elaborate makeup or doing a special effects technique you have never done before plan at least two practice sessions well before Halloween. That will give you the chance to practice putting the makeup up, get used to wearing the makeup…

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Fans Can’t Get Enough Batman

The upcoming Batman Vs Superman film proves that audiences of all ages can’t get enough Batman. Ever since the creation of the Caped Crusader fans have embraced batman-costumeshim and clamored for more stories about him. Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne have been re-imagined and re-invented by many different writers, movie directors, and graphic novelists. Christopher Nolan’s dark new telling of the Batman myth in The Dark Knight series entranced audiences as well as made Batman a modern hero. It seems that no matter what the decade is Batman is a superhero that has no trouble being embraced by modern audiences. The figure of the superhuman fighter for justice fills a need in society that never goes away no matter decade it is. The look of the ideal superhero might change but people’s devotion to him doesn’t.

The original Batman character was created for DC Comics in 1939. Batman has been saving the world…

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ninjasNinjago is a popular animated series on the Cartoon Network that has spawned a video game and DVDs as well as books and other merchandise. The show is based on a series of Lego sets called Ninjago which make up a fantasy universe where Chinese and Japanese legends combine in a mix of fantasy, science fiction and good old-fashioned adventure. Kids and grown up kids alike love Ninjago because of the elements of adventure and fantasy. The TV show has the same characters and places that are in the Ninjago Lego sets so that kids can watch the TV show then go play with their own Lego sets and interact with the same characters they have seen on the show. Ninjago is great for adults and kids to play together because the rich storylines are interesting for adults but still easy for kids to follow.

In the original Ninjago storyline there are four weapons imbued with great power that correspond…

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zombie-costumeZombies have been lurking on the Hollywood and bookstore scene for a long time now – but people don’t seem to get enough of them. These blood-thirsted creatures are definitely among the most popular all-time horror story characters and the truth is that they have all the reasons to stay there. In some of the stories, nobody knows how they emerged. In other stories, they are the result of a bad experiment. However, in all the stories out there they are to be run from and to be murdered because their thirst for human blood is literally contagious. You get bitten by a zombie – you become a zombie. This is why most of the movies, books and TV shows featuring these dreaded creatures are usually related to an apocalyptic scenario where almost everybody is transformed into a zombie.


The Walking Dead is, without any trace of doubt, the most popular TV series and comic book series to be…

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adventure-timeOne of the Cartoon Network’s biggest hits is also the inspiration for some of the most popular Halloween costumes this year. Adventure Time has been popular with audiences since it debuted in 2010 and that popularity is increasing every year. The show started as a homemade entry for a contest sponsored by Cartoon Network that would allow amateur animation fans to create shows that had the potential to get picked up as series. Adventure Time or Adventure Time with Finn and Jake became a viral hit almost as soon as it hit the Web. Cartoon Network picked up the series and it quickly become one of the most popular shows on the network. Adventure Time doesn’t show any signs of slowing down because fans can’t get enough of the innovative and quirky show.

The show has won a slew of awards for both the content and the production. In an era when most animated shows compete to have the most…

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vamire-costumes Few TV shows out there have ever managed to be just as popular as True Blood is. Featuring vampires, fairies, werewolves, shape-shifters and a series of other magical creatures, True Blood is probably one of the most realistic shows of the kind. Of course, all the characters are very fantasy-like, but the truth is that this show has somehow managed to create a storyline that is actually plausible – that, of course, if any of these creatures really existed.

As a matter of fact, the basis of the show is consisted out of the “coming out of the coffin” of the vampires out there. After millennia of lurking in the dark and being considered to be just fictional creatures, vampires decide that it is high time that they went mainstream and let the world know of their existence. Of course, this does not come with ease for anyone out there (not vampires and not humans), but in the end,…

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xmenposterComic books have been out there for a very, very long time and ever since the moment the first comic books (as we know them today) came out, people grew smitten on the greatness they can offer. Although many times dismissed as childish and pointless, comic books and their heroes go way beyond that though.

For instance, did you know that Captain America was created as a character that had the power to fight the Nazi expansion in Europe? This character was created right during the Second World War and, accidentally or not, his “fathers” were Jewish.

X-Men makes no exception from this rule and the characters in this comic books are bound to make a statement about equality, about discrimination and about being the “other”. In real-life, this happens with African Americans, with Asian Americans, with Jewish people and with all the other people who are not like the majority (and thus, they are discriminated upon).

X-Men is one…

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twerkTwerking costumes expected to be popular again in this year.

2013 has been a full year from a lot of points of view. Movies such as “Frozen” and “Maleficent”, as well as the much expected sequel to the “X-Men” series have all contributed a lot to this year from a cultural and media-related point of view. Yet, some of the moments were so memorable that even now, almost one year later, everybody seems to remember them as fresh as they were 2 days after they happened. Pharell’s hat is one of them.

The other one is Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMA. Miley used to star in a TV series for kids and her entire attitude was that of a nice girl in general. She was none other than Hannah Montana. Her long, curly hair, her nice smile and her big eyes made parents from all over the world trust her with their kids. And kids from all over the world became her fans. And yet, something inside Miley changed drastically because the MTV appearance she made completely shocked a lot of people (and not only among those who had been her fans before that).

Miley Cyrus appeared in a very short, very tight and very much skin-revealing costume. OK, that may not have been that much – after all, many of the other stars out there wear skimpy outfits. Of course, she used to be perceived as a nice girl and the costume may have shocked her fans – but not to the extent to which her attitude did.

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flapperThe Roaring 20s are back in a big way this year. Thanks to period dramas on TV like Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge and smash hit movies like The Great Gatsby gangster and flapper costumes are one of the hottest trends for Halloween costumes. Lavish flapper dresses dripping with fringe and beadwork and 20s inspired wigs and jewelry are going to be in high demand this Halloween. You can create your own costume from vintage pieces and 20s inspired items or you can buy costumes that are already put together. Whether you want to DIY your costume or buy one here are some fashion trends from the 20s to keep in mind, and tips for achieving the same look for your costume:

Women’s Fashion in the 20s

The 1920s were the start of a huge change in female fashion. Industrialization brought innovations like cars that made the heavy, long elaborate dresses of earlier decades hazardous and cumbersome. The popular female…

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